msrmanager2-logo-250x250-sombraHow to organize the work of thousands of people

The complexity of a management system is to make the difficult easy.

The medical sales representative need to combine the organization of their work, with corporate events and visiting time windows assigned by the healthcare or administration.

MSR Manager can arrange appointments with doctors, pharmacists and hospital medical teams.

All information on personal agendas work must be accessible to the med rep through Internet by restricted and authenticated access.

Any cancellation or change of appointments as the limits and deadlines can be performed by the medical rep or by staff of the Association/Union . At any time. 24 hours per day. From a PC, tablet or smartphone.

MSR Manager also manage Med Reps Union/Associations: affiliation data, payments, news, SMS messaging and circulars.

MSR Manager is the leading appointment manager software in  Spain and is used by most of Medical Sales Representative Associations.

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