Behind every website there is set of techonologies that should be fine tuned.  It is not possible to have a fast web with a slow machine, operating system neglected or poor network connection.

In Versus Soft care and maintain all elements (hardware, software, network) so that the end result is a 99.99% availability as fast.

Our hardware infrastructure includes Intel dual and quad core, with a minimum of 16 GB of RAM using RAID storage systems.

On this basis, we implement the solid Debian Linux operating system with the following services:

  • Apache Http Server 2.x
  • Oracle MySQL 5.1
  • Zend PHP 5.3
  • Postfix/Dovecot
  • Proxmox

Our philosophy is to always use stable production versions of the software, keeping all security updates daily.

We have cluster architecture with real-time replication from MySQL databases and files in different data centers.

This enables us to keep the information redundancy for contingency management lossless preserving the continuity of services.

By providing both cloud services, such as maintenance of infrastructure hardware, software and network, you avoid having multiple partners (designers, programmers, hosting). In this way saves time and money.

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