Pharm Rapport: Medical Representative Management

Pharm Rapport is a software for medical representative management. Is focused to sales departement of pharmaceutical laboratories. Pharm Rapport includes tools for the data input, tracking and monitoring [Más...]

Realty Shop

Inmoshop allow an real estate agency to offer MLS services. Your real estate properties have your own space, with custom design and image, without sharing visual space with others. Inmoshop helps to add [Más...]

Htmgen: The intelligence of data

HTMGen is a  database driven  web pages generator system, born in 1996. It has since undergone continuous improvements and three complete rewrites code to adapt to the standards of the time. We have [Más...]

ITS Fox: Joining the urgent and important

ITSFox is a tool designed for use by professionals involved in the business visit. According to the detailed definition of the work schedule set by the company, as well as cycles of activity and other [Más...]

MSR Manager: Medical Representative Management for associations and unions

How to organize the work of thousands of people The complexity of a management system is to make the difficult easy. The medical sales representative need to combine the organization of their work, with [Más...]