HTMGen is a  database driven  web pages generator system, born in 1996. It has since undergone continuous improvements and three complete rewrites code to adapt to the standards of the time.

We have 12 years experience in web page generation from databases, and knowledge to produce HTML and Javascript code functional and visible in all browsers on the market, complying with W3C standards.

HTMGen features:

  • Complete CMS with sections, custom template, user access management, SEO integration.
  • Forms linked and updated with multiple database queries. Optionally Ajax driven.
  • Data export to PDF, CSV and MS Office file documents.
  • WYSIWYG  web pages edition and composition. Text format, multimedia elements (image, video), file explorer, image galleries.
  • Customized data fields. Advanced user interface controls.
  • Multiplatform messaging: SMS, EMail, PDF, Web.

HTMGen works in our optimized servers.

We can manage your data and show exactly the required data.