pharmarapport_2013Pharm Rapport is a software for medical representative management. Is focused to sales departement of pharmaceutical laboratories.

Pharm Rapport includes tools for the data input, tracking and monitoring of daily client visits, with custom reports for medical rep and sales manager.

Medical representative only need a single screen, for introducing visit data (and if needed expenses), using pre-stored data to minimize writing. Also have at their disposal additional forms to enlarge these data. Data stored include:  list of products shown, samples submitted, doctor attitude, visit efficiency, etc

Medical representative can clasify and access to physicians by medical specialties or medical center.

Sales manager can add, manage medical representative, products lines, expense types and predefined visit comments.

Pharm Rapport can build custom reports including visit report and expense report including traceability spending.

Pharm Rapport works in the cloud using  internet-connected PC or tablets.

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