Today, it is necessary to access information from multiple locations (home, office, work), with different views of the information by type of user (client, commercial, manager, provider …) and using multiple devices (PC, tablets, smartphones …). The cloud is the meeting point between users.

Using the Internet as a link between them, and with the advanced technology of Soft Versus to segment information for multiple types of users, using any communication device.

We have the know-how to integrate hardware and software appropriate to each case.

Our software solutions include installation, configuration, design, adaptation and integration of:

  •  Joomla
  • WordPress
  • OpenERP
  • Prestashop
  • eGroupWare

Not forgetting our proprietary solutions:

  • HTMGen
  • Inmoshop
  • ITSGestion
  • ITSRapport
  • ITSFox
  • Harpo

All this by using our optimized servers.

We make various tests performed compared, and we have selected the best hardware, software, added redundant safety systems, constant monitoring and the result is functionality 24×365

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