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Welcome to our new website

Today September 28, 2012, we released the new website Versus Soft. We have adopted a new design. And this new image meant to be a standard of constant renewal in which the company is immersed, which, though young in spirit-has accumulated over 16 years of experience in the development and innovation of new technologies applied [...]

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New digital newspapers

We carried out the design and programming of digital newspapers El Castillo de San Fernando and El Alcazar de Jerez. With a design based on the El Baluarte de Cadiz, we have scheduled new sections and the insertion of information provided by different editors as well as new methods for inserting Youtube or Vimeo videos, [...]

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Realty Shop

Inmoshop allow an real estate agency to offer MLS services. Your real estate properties have your own space, with custom design and image, without sharing visual space with others. Inmoshop helps to add quickly real estate propertis in your website, with photographies, documentation, and preset quality descriptions. Furthermore by specifying the street and the city, [...]

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Htmgen: The intelligence of data

HTMGen is a  database driven  web pages generator system, born in 1996. It has since undergone continuous improvements and three complete rewrites code to adapt to the standards of the time. We have 12 years experience in web page generation from databases, and knowledge to produce HTML and Javascript code functional and visible in all [...]

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